Watch Live Games: go to the match page below; buy your ticket; wait for two emails to come to you; one of them will contain the match code; enter that on the match page where you bought your ticket in the first place. It can take a few minutes for the match code to arrive by email. If you’re still having a problem, email, including your phone number, or call on +353 86 0702757, +353 86 1040664, +353  87 9154860.


All Games:

Watch this ‘how to buy a ticket’ video. And, if that gives you the info you need, you can then go back to Match Player to buy your ticket. If you need further info, see more questions answers further down this page.

All of our videos with ‘How to…’ scenarios are contained HERE – we are adding to these on an ongoing basis.

If none of the fixes below work, call +353 86 0702757, +353 86 1040664, +353  87 9154860 or email When emailing, make sure to include your phone number so we can call you back.

Where we say device, you can take that to mean smartphone, laptop, PC, TV – anywhere you choose to watch the event.

In our experience, 99 per cent of problems that people encounter while trying to watched streamed games are covered above and below. In occasional instances, for reasons we can’t fathom, the problem just doesn’t resolve itself, even where people have good signal. We provide full refunds in those cases. So please contact us if it’s not working – don’t suffer in silence.

If you’re ever in doubt about where you can watch the game or archive, go to and scroll down to select the playlist for the game.

1. I’ve paid my subscription for the game – can I watch it on multiple devices?
No the subscription is for one device only. But you can log in and out on that device – if you have to go out for a while, for example, or if you lose electrical power.

2. Can I go out for a while and come back and watch the remainder of the game?
Yes, you can do this during the live transmission. But only on the same device. Your subscription allows multiple log-ins on that device, forever.

3. Can I watch the game afterwards?
Yes. If you bought a ticket to watch it live, you can watch it again with the same ticket on the same device. The actual link to the game may change, but the password won’t. If you’re struggling to find the game, go to and scroll down to select the playlist for the game. However, if you didn’t buy a ticket to watch it live, and you want to watch it afterwards, you will be asked to buy a ticket. You can view the game for up to a month afterwards on the same password.

4. How exactly do I pay?
Click the links until you get to the payment page on PayPal. Here, you can pay by credit card (without opening a PayPal account) or use your existing PayPal account (if you have one).

5. Can I purchase a ticket in advance?
Yes. Once the game preview is on our site, the option to buy a ticket will be available to you. To be sure of having all your ducks in a row, so to speak, it is best to purchase in advance (this gives more time for the ticket link email to arrive, and for you to iron out any other problems that may emerge).

6. Can I buy a ticket on one device and transfer to another?
No. The ticket applies only to the device you purchase it on.

7. I’ve bought a ticket – what next?
You will get two emails. One will be your PayPal receipt. The other will be the key one for getting onto the broadcast. The subject will be ‘Thank you for purchasing a PPV ticket’. This email will come from On that ticket, you get a Ticket Link and a Password. Clink the link and, if asked, enter the Password. You can read more about these emails HERE

8. The email hasn’t arrived?
Check your spam folder. Refresh your inbox. The email is automatically generated so it should be with you very soon. Again read about about these emails HERE.

9. The screen is stopping and starting?
This is almost certainly a broadband issue at your end. If your broadband is not fast enough, it won’t be able to play the games. In some cases, your device may be running too slowly. You may need to get help from an IT professional, or someone in your family may be able to resolve.

11. My device loses the signal every 2/5/10 minutes?
Your battery may be set to lower power mode which means it will shut down into a sleep mode regularly. Take it off lower power mode and you should be okay.

12. I’ve paid by eCheck – but nothing’s arrived?
eCheck can take over a week to clear. In most cases, the game will be over. It is best to pay by card or PayPal.

13. I can see the picture – but I can’t hear the sound?
Generally, the sound quality is good leaving us – we keep an ear on this during the broadcast. If it’s a problem at our end, we will fix it asap, or put up a message on the screen to apologise for sound quality.
More often than not, however, it will be something you need to tweak on your device. Can you get someone to take a look at it – it might just be a speaker thing? Once it leaves our studio okay, any variations thereafter are a local issue on the person’s PC – and it hasn’t anything to do with the internet quality at your end. It might be a sound card on your device, or a speaker setting not properly ticked. If you get someone who is reasonably techie, they should be able to fix it for you. Or could you try on another device? Don’t suffer in silence.

14. The picture is ahead of the sound, or vice versa.
Try to refresh/reload the game on your device. You won’t lose your subscription by doing this – your subscription entitles you to multiple visits on the same device.

15. I’ve tried everything and it’s still not working / buffering
This is slightly more technical, but you may need to check your device’s CPU (or equivalent). CPU stands for the Central Processing Unit. You can read more about it HERE. You could also carry out a speed test to see if your broadband has any problem. More HERE. If you still can’t resolve, contact us on +353 86 0702757, +353 86 1040664, +353  87 9154860 or We want happy customers.