1. When you make the payment, you will get two emails. if they don’t arrive within minutes, refresh your inbox or check your spam folder. The first email is from PayPal (service@intl.paypay.com)to acknowledge your payment. It will include this text:

You sent a payment of €4.00 EUR to Local Streaming.

09-Sep-2017 10:23:36 IST
Receipt No:????
Hello <<<your name>>>,

This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *GREATDAYS.

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Merchant information:
Local Streaming
Instructions to merchant:
None provided
Shipping information: Shipping method:
Not specified
Description Unit price Qty Amount
Video ticket for: <<<event title will appear here>>>> €4.00 EUR 1 4.00 EUR
Discount: -€0.00 EUR
Total: €4.00 EUR
Receipt No: ????
Please keep this receipt number for future reference. You’ll need it if you contact customer service at Local Streaming or PayPal.

Yours sincerely,


2. The second one is from greatdays@localstreaming.club and will include this text:
Dear ???,
Thank you for your order.
Please keep this email safe because it contains important information related to your PPV ticket.======================================================================
Ticket Link: <<<link will be provided here>>> (Use this link for direct playlist access and ticket usage)
Password: <<<password will be provided here>>> (Use this code to play the desired video/s on our website)
Expire date: Unlimited
Total Allowed Views: Unlimited
Ticket Price: 4.00 EUR
Ticket Name: Will vary from event to event
Ticket Description: Will vary from event to event

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