If you are representing a sponsor on one of our broadcasts, here are some guidelines:

1. You will be interviewed before the game where you will talk about the sponsorship: why your company is involved, how long you have been involved, any other elements to your sponsorship, and so on. General thoughts on the match, but nothing too taxing here. You may also be asked about your own club (whatever sport you’re interested in – the likely questions here are a) when did you get involved in your own club first; and b) what’s your greatest memory as a member of that club?). This will likely be the main interview and the interviewer will help you along, have no worries.
2. Bring along a company backdrop/pull-up, if you can lay your hands on one.
3. Wear some company branded clothes, if you have them.
4. If time permits, and if you’re still around, we may interview you afterwards.
5. If you’re also doing co-commentary (you will be notified of this beforehand – this is generally in the case where the sponsor rep is also a well-known former/current player or manager), you will have significantly enlarged duties – best thing to do is to look at this page HERE for guidelines.

6. Likewise, if you are doing match analyst – look at this page HERE

Any queries, do not hesitate to contact Paul Cunnane, PRO, Mayo GAA Board, on 087 661 0968 (text, What’s App or ring), info@mayogaatv.com