A match analyst is interviewed before the game, at half-time and afterwards. They do not take part in the actual match commentary.

The analyst will generally not be affiliated to one of the competing teams and will bring expertise and insight. Ideally, they will be a current or former player or manager/coach.

The analyst is there to offer overviews that the viewer at home – and even people at the match – will take on board. They are not overly critical, but they do seek to put events into context and that will take the form of making telling observations about individual clashes, tactics, substitutions and the like.

A few guidelines for match analysts:

  1. Turn up 25 minutes before coverage starts (note ‘coverage’, not ‘event start time’).
  2. You will be interviewed by the match presenter. Don’t take the microphone from them – the presenter controls the microphone at all times as they may need to cut away abruptly for a variety of reasons.
  3. Keep relevant notes and quote from those in your contributions.
  4. You will feature on screen throughout the day – just in case you want to put on the best clobber.
  5. No bad language.
  6. Sometimes, players wear the wrong numbers. Therefore it is crucial that you sit adjacent to the commentary team as the co-commentators from both clubs will spot any number errors.
  7. Respect towards the referee and both teams. Equally, no stories, anecdotes or innuendo that embarrass players, spectators or the streaming audience.
  8. Beforehand – you will be asked about the teams specifically (if you know them) and, if you don’t, about ‘the occasion – what it’s like for a player – and a club – before a game like this etc.’
  9. Half time – you will be asked to review the action and look to the second half.
  10. Full time – again, review the action. Emphasis on where it was won and lost.
  11. The presenter is there to help you – to make sure you get it through it fine. In times of trouble, as the song, the presenter will take up the slack. So, don’t worry: you won’t be left high and dry at any stage.

Any queries, contact Paul Cunnane, Mayo GAA PRO, on 087 661 0968 or info@mayogaatv.com